Metal Will Never Die..Dio Last Song Ever 5.17.10.MOV Metallica-Wherever I May Roam-Live performance
Apr 272012

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23 Responses to “Overkill- Come And Get It”

  1. bluefukingreene says:

    in my opinion the tour that should be anthrax….overkill..with special guests….my band ORION..WHO’S 1ST RECORD “THE RUIN OF DAYS” COMES OUT MAY 1ST.just kidding on the special guest part,only because me and my guitar player played every instrument and produced the album entirely with no assistance from anyone,in our own studio..i hope this record can get us a full band..we wrote it for fans of melodic thrash.posting the first single on april 30th…on my page and the band page.thx

  2. bluefukingreene says:

    feel the fire….taking over….under the influence….years of decay….HORROSCOPE….all classics……to me ironbound and this new one are as good as anything they’ve ever done… in total i think overkill has 7 classic records…great live records and dvd’s….metallica has 4 must own records and cliff em all….just saying…overkill is getting better….john k and dave killed the strength of endgame with 13….i say overkill is now on top in terms of product.

  3. happytreefriends9876 says:

    Overkill = Megadeth

  4. Phoenixbird27 says:

    This song sounds like Metallica’s Battery on ACID. FUCK YEAH!

  5. Ghouse666 says:

    after monthes of listening to shitty music this song just blew me out of the fuckin water, I wasnt ready for this, This rocks too fucking hard, I wasnt ready god dammit!!!!!!!!!

  6. l33tohs says:


  7. caligula727 says:

    saw them at empire rock club in philadelphia awesome

  8. logoactivo says:

    W.F.O has been by far my favourite Overkill album. Now, listening to this album feels like the first time I heard W.F.O, there was an urge to listening to it as loud as it could get, over and over again till my neightbors complained

  9. CannibalDave says:

    Overkill > Metallica

  10. HyperVoldo says:

    I think it’s great that we can share music old and new on youtube, but if you really love Overkill we need to support them and buy the CD. No sales = no more music! :p
    (Holy fuck though, this is even better than Ironbound)

  11. MrNightfall079 says:

    I thoght their last album Death Magnetic kicked ass

  12. dokkcrue71 says:

    Hell Yeah,,2 Thumbs Up !!!

  13. DarkWerewolfXV says:

    No, the best part is from 0:00 to 6:31

  14. DarkWerewolfXV says:

    Metallica is not even thrash anymore.
    IMO Overkill should be in big 4 instead of Anthrax.
    And Metallica should not be in big 4 of thrash since beginning of Black Album.

  15. straightedgemetlhead says:

    all these years and STILL THEY KICK ASS!!!! never sold out like so many bands did. they always stayed true to metal. and forever metal will live on.

  16. lubbocktx35 says:


  17. Quoopaloo666 says:

    Let’s be honest; the best part of this song is at 3:27

  18. makanakikaka says:

    I do not mean the problem that took Metallica to Napster, the music only … Metallica men would have to raise the banner of Thrash. And they forgot that a long time ago, is not it?

  19. chroscielewski says:

    best track of that album. Overkill always had good “openers”. Pure thrash riffing

  20. MrNightfall079 says:

    why?Cause he fought against cheap bastards who dont support the bands by actually buying the albums?Thats tradition and it’s a good thing he fought against napster.

  21. LouGruff says:

    Lars is a douche!

  22. Hank Jones says:

    Love Overkill. But Testaments new album will rule the metal year. Sorry folks.

  23. irespectallgoodmusic says:

    Butthurt metallica fan.

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