Overkill- Come And Get It Iron Maiden-Brave New World [Full Album]
Apr 292012

READ DESCRIPTION: I am going to dedicate my channel to live Metallica performances. Check back soon, I will start uploading more next week. I have Enter Sandman on my channel. Thanks peeps, keep it metal up your fucking ass =)

25 Responses to “Metallica-Wherever I May Roam-Live performance”

  1. totte638 says:

    killém all-black album Love.
    That was when metallica was Metallica.

  2. lonewolfkay1990 says:

    Born a metali-head.. die a metali-head :p Mum started me and my sister on ‘tallica when i was very young. and I was self-taught on whats real music and whats not. unfortunately my sister went wrong somehwere and now likes RnB crap and dance yuck. but still listens to Sabbath? and Motorhead?

  3. hammettfcb says:

    His voice is perfect in this song. Now it isn’t the same anymore :(

  4. NanoverseProductions says:

    After S&M Lars totally fell off beat. All songs sound dreadful live now (drum wise). They still put on a great show and have a die hard fan base. They could record themselves shitting for 90 minutes and put it out as an album…and fans will still dig it…and title it LULU. I’d kill to see MetallicA in the 80s and early 90s.

  5. soggytoastzx says:

    @meeetallicaaa best comment ever! metallica for fucken life!

  6. anoukwakely says:

    This is from the DvD Live from San Fransisco :D
    my bf has it lol

  7. evertonteixeiramenez says:


  8. brknspacebar says:

    metallica til i die mother fuckers

  9. cuppajango says:

    If there’s no physical instrument, then its not music! Now this, this is music!!

  10. seancurrier9596 says:

    the ten dislikes were all mormons.

  11. CritikylMass says:

    plz some fucker invent a time machine so i can go back to 89 and die there

  12. meeetallicaaaa says:

    Dear Dislikers,

    The “Metal Militia” will “Seek and Destroy” you all, you won’t have “One” single chance of beating the “Master of Puppets”, you will have to hide and wait for “The Day That Never Comes”, and while you do, we will hunt you down without mercy, we’ll hunt you down “All Nightmare Long”. But when we get you, you will “Ride The Lightning” while you pray for “The God That Failed”. I know it’s “Sad But True”, but “That Was Just Your Life”.

  13. SwatleaderKev says:

    I don´t care if the press hates the new stuff or not, it´s f******g METALLICA and everything what they made is great. So thumbs up if you like

  14. iga123s says:

    His voice was so brutal!

  15. DarionsLifeChapters says:

    Exactly my thoughts fuck yeah!!

  16. 805Bink says:

    - agreed ! and yah i HATE hip hop, rap, etc…. all i like is heavy rock, metal, and country

  17. Metalfreak77 says:

    I’m 16, and I grew up with Metallica, Pantera, AC/DC etc. But I even like to listen to A7x etc.

    But I fucking Hate this Hip Hop, Rap and Pop Shit!!!

  18. byzantioum1453 says:

    ‘92 ;)

  19. Itachifan186 says:

    What’s wrong with A7X?

  20. Dagger1610 says:

    you have no idea how much I love that song…

  21. HugeT96 says:

    Metallica are always Epic! Never fails to entertain!

  22. LeperMessiahHD says:

    9 ppl disliked the video

  23. georgo342 says:

    Wow you really are an uneducated 12 year old amerifat, you sicken me with your lack of listening to anything besides boring 80’s thrash
    come back when you’ve got some culture kid

  24. acdc4273 says:

    hey fuck you motherfucker ive listened to fukn venom and diamond head exodus etc. so why dont you shut the fuck go listen to your poser metal and emo fagoot shit and go cut yourself

  25. J45USER says:

    James’ Tombstone: “My body lies but still I roam”

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