Oct 302011

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Oct 282011

New Song From Hollywood Rockers MASQUE. Produced by Keith Olsen & Directed by Mark Jacobs.

Oct 262011

there is no satanism ! Stellar Master Elite by Thorns Kledt I Nattens Farger by Ulver

Oct 242011

I miss the warm embrace I felt First time you touched me Secure and safe in open arms I should have known youd crush me A snake you were when we met I loved you anyway Pulling out your poisoned fangs The venom never goes away Serpent swims free in my blood Dragons sleeping in my veins Jacky| speaking with tongue Roach egg laying in my brain Once stalked beneath your shadow Sleepwalking to the gallows Im the sun that beats your brow in Til I finally threw the towel Never knowing if Id wake up in a Whirlpool got redundant My brain was just some driftwood In a cesspool I became dead ]from a rock star to a desk fool Was my destiny someone said Loves a tidepool Taste the waters lifes abundant Taste me

Oct 222011

Artista: Porcelana Disco: Porcelana Direccion: CHIVA Locacion: Monterrey,Nuevo Leon

Oct 202011

RETOMANDO LA SUBIDA DEL SEVEN SINNERS EN PLENA VISPERA NAVIDEÑA, AHORA LES ACERCO SIN DUDA UNO DE LOS MEJORES TEMAS DEL ULTIMO TRABAJO DE LAS CALABAZAS, UN TEMA QUE PODRIA DENOMINARSE “PERFECT GENTLEMAN 2″, EL CUAL ES WHO IS MR.MADMAN?. Curiosidades: La intro fue narrada por Biff Byford, para los que no lo conocen, es el cantante de la conocidad banda britanica Saxon. La continuación de Perfect Gentleman fue idea y “reciclada” por Sascha Gerstner. Nota: Por escribir apurado puse silla de la rueda, cuando en realidad es silla de ruedas.

Oct 182011

Buy: itunes.apple.com .Heres An”AMAZING”Hard Rockin Instrumental Guitar Song From Brent Look “The Ultimate” Which Is Dedicated To The United States Military and Its Veterans. Released Thru “Chart Top Records TM” Visit. brentlook.com Purchase This Song Now On itunes.apple.com rhapsody.com amazon.com http zune.com http emusic.com Listen To Brent Live On Jango Radio http Brent Look is The Lead Guitarist For The Scott Stapp (who is the lead vocalist for the rock band”Creed”). best Blackmore’s night Guitar lesson,Instruction,Ritchie Blackmore,Paul Gilburt,Yngwie Malmsteen, Van Halen,Steve Vai,Joe Satriani,Pat Travers,

Oct 162011

Great song from the latest rage album Strings to a Web

Oct 142011

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Oct 122011

© 2010 WMG Roadrunner Records Times of Grace official video of Where The Spirit Leads Me. the album Hymn of A Broken Man is to be released in January 2011.

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